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It’s always difficult finding words to describe a movie like Aliens. James Cameron’s bonafide classic sequel evokes admiration from the hearts of multiple genre stylings. Whether you’re an action junkie, horror fiend, or science-fiction fanatic, Aliens has something worth offering.

Along with being one of the few sequels capable of standing up to the original, many would argue it even surpasses Ridley Scott’s seminal monster movie. The discussion of which film is superior certainly leads to interesting debate, but Aliens maintains its status as a classic for reasons beyond that. It goes to show sequels can do something drastically different than their predecessors and still work as a thematic whole. Much like the first film, the pop culture zeitgeist is redefined by the world building presented in Cameron’s sequel.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Higher Highs, Same Previous Lows

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For all their flaws, these Jurassic World movies keep pitching us ideas that could lead the franchise into some fascinating territory. Nature vs. nurture and capitalist interests is the whole reason behind the Indominus Rex in Jurassic WorldFallen Kingdom wants us to look at a broader relationship to the species. They are living, breathing creatures that exist on our planet. As such, the question remains: does humanity have an obligation to save the creatures from a re-extinction event or is this nature’s way of course correcting?

It’s a fascinating question. One the movie even addresses in a handful of moments. Unfortunately, Fallen Kingdom is made up of many other moments. Most of which are about as dumb, mean-spirited and aggressive as its immediate predecessor. The first issue right off the bat is the lack of interest in the actual discussion. There are images of news footage, a courtroom scene with deity Jeff Goldblum declaring perhaps the nature is once again attempting to course correct itself. Before you know it, Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Williams is meeting up with a secret partner of John Hammond’s (because these sequels seem intent on smothering that man’s legacy) and we’re on a race against time against a volcanic eruption to save as many dinosaurs as possible. Continue reading “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Higher Highs, Same Previous Lows”

Why I’m Glad Treyarch is Ditching Story Mode in “Call of Duty”

News came out recently that Black Ops 4 is ditching a single-player campaign to focus entirely on multiplayer and cooperative zombie modes. The head honchos have said campaign was never part of the plan. Others are saying the creators couldn’t have a story put together for the release date, so it was scrapped. Regardless of reasons, I’m torn on this. Continue reading “Why I’m Glad Treyarch is Ditching Story Mode in “Call of Duty””

Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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I love the MCU dearly. Some less than others, specifically the last three but whatever. All the others I’d happily put on my television screen in a moments notice. Remember, kids: art is subjective so subjectively this is my ranking. Continue reading “Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe”